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Moving and storage availability is in high demand and continues to grow in popularity around Canyon Lake, TX. Our self storage company has an ongoing commitment to expand our facility resources in order to accommodate the increase in storage availability as well as make the process stress free. In order to maintain the best possible service for self-storage, learn about how we’ve been committed to keeping up with local area requirements and storage capacity.

Our downloadable moving guide can help alleviate the stress of moving, packing and storing your valuable items. It’s a straightforward checklist, offering efficient self storage moving tips for Canyon Lake, TX that can help you get the job done faster. Feel free to download and send to friends and neighbors.

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Moving Tips & Considerations

#1: Paperwork

  1. Stay organized. Keep all of your receipts and records in one place.
  2. Calculate the size of the unit that you need based on our illustrated storage unit size guide.
  3. Always purchase a storage unit before you actually move.
  4. Be thorough and economical. Get estimates, referrals and references from moving companies and truck rental businesses.
  5. Consider purchasing moving insurance and be rest assured that your items are safe with U Store IT.

#2: Packing

  • Packing efficiently is one of the most common issues our self storage company in Canyon Lake sees. When packing be sure to purchase boxes and storage materials in different sizes. Small boxes work best as they’re easier and lighter to carry. It might seem that big boxes will make the work go faster, but larger boxes become too heavy and unwieldy. They’re also so big that there’s a tendency to over pack them, resulting in making it harder to find certain items. The general rule is to keep all boxes under 50 lbs.
  • Keep all pairs and parts together. Curtain rod hangers, furniture screws, mirror bolts and other small hardware should be bagged, taped and labeled to the underside of the given piece. Cords that go with any electrical items should also be coiled and taped to the actual device. Velcro strips always come in handy and they can be reused for other storage or to organize wiring behind entertainment centers and computer desks.
  • To cut back on the amount of bubble wrap you have to buy, use textiles like socks, towels and bed sheets to cushion and fill the excess space in boxes.
  • Fill each box in layers. Put the heavier items on the bottom, followed by medium weight items, and then finally, the lightest items on top. Use crushed paper or pieces of cardboard between the layers as dividers. Rule of thumb: Mixing wine glasses with cast iron kitchenware is always a bad idea!
  • Pack room by room. This allows you to stay organized and make it easier to unpack later. Use a color code system such as stickers or markers to easily keep track of items, box logistics and fragile warnings.
  • The order in which you pack your moving truck is equally important. The items you need most often should be easily accessible. Therefore, pack them last so you know exactly where to find them when necessary inside the truck. By designating boxes with “load last” or “unload first”, you’ll have a better snapshot of the boxes that you need to have ready upon arrival at your new location.
  • Priority items should always include box cutters, toilet paper, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, tools, coffee machine (of course), towels and small appliances. Out of season or rarely used items should always be packed into a truck first, followed by the most important items placed last.

#3: Organized Action

  • Take organization as seriously as possible as it will mitigate potential issues down the road. Labels, markers and other notes can be applied to the top or sides of a box so that they’re easy to identify – especially when tucked away into the dark corners of a moving truck.
  • Consider creating a spreadsheet with more detailed notes on what each box holds so that post-move, if you’re looking for Halloween decorations, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

#4: Visit your friends at U Store It Self-Storage

We’re a local, family owned & operated storage facility that continues to expand and accommodate the growing demand for storage resources across Canyon Lake, Texas. Our priority is to provide the best customer service in the industry with friendly, consultative storage expertise for personal, business and recreational customers. Please book online or give our self storage company in Canyon Lake a call to help with your self-storage needs.

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