Self-Storage Moving Tips

Thinking About Moving in Canyon Lake, TX?

U Store IT Self Storage has put together a moving guide to help alleviate some of the stress of moving, packing and storing your items. Plain and straightforward moving is stressful. Also, many residents and folks moving to Canyon Lake, are shocked to find Self-storage availability is in high demand. Check out our plans on our about us page to keep up with the requirements of self-storage facilities in Canyon Lake, TX. And, if you visit our home page there is a downloadable copy of our Self-Storage Moving Tips.

Storage Tip number one is Paperwork:

  • Keep all of your receipts and records.
  • Calculate the size of the unit.
  • Purchase storage unit before you move.
  • Get estimates, referrals, and references for moving companies or truck rental businesses.
  • Purchase moving insurance. Store your items with U Store It!

Storage tip Number Two is Packing:

  • Purchase boxes and storage materials. Use small boxes. It might seem that big boxes will make the work go faster, but large boxes become too heavy and unwieldy. You will also have to empty them out to find what you are looking for later. It’s easier to deal with more small boxes than a few big ones that are too heavy to lift. As a rule, try to keep all boxes under 50 pounds.
  • Keep all pairs or parts together. Curtain rod hangers, furniture screws, mirror bolts, and other little hardware should be bagged and taped to the underside of the piece with which they belong. Cords that go with any electrical items should be coiled and taped to the device too. Velcro strips are handy to wrap cords so they don’t become permanently sticky. Calculate the size of the unit.
  • To cut back on the amount of bubble wrap you have to buy, use textiles like socks, towels, and bed sheets to fill excess space in boxes.
  • Fill boxes in layers. Put the heavy stuff on the bottom, medium weight next, and the lightest items up top. Use crushed paper or pieces of cardboard between the layers as dividers. Mixing wine glasses with a cast iron skillet is a bad idea.
  • Go room by room. To stay organized, and to make it easier to unpack, pack boxes systematically, room by room. Assign each room color and use color-coded stickers on each box to help keep track of your things.
  • Figure out an order to load truck and storage unit so you can have easy access to the items you need more often. Pack the out of season stuff first. Next, go with the stuff you don’t use very often, and leave the things that you use all the time for last. That way you can get to them fast when you need them. Designate the essentials. Mark a few “load last, unload first” boxes filled with key items you’re going to want in the first 24 hours. Include things like a box cutter, toilet paper, heavy duty garbage bags, all-purpose cleaner, tools for reassembling furniture, coffee machine, towels, toaster oven, and a stereo for tunes.

Storage Tip number Three is Organized action:

  • Keep an inventory list. Label boxes clearly and carefully, using a permanent marker to write down the contents on the top and side of each box so they’re easy to identify. You might print packing labels so they are easy to see on the boxes.
  • Consider creating a spreadsheet with more detailed notes on what each box holds, so post-move if you’re looking for the Halloween decorations, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Storage Tip number four is to come to visit Ustore IT Self Storage:

We are a local family ran & operated storage facility and on top of keeping up with the lake of storage units, our number one priority is quality customer service. Book online or give us a call to help with your self-storage needs.

Self stoage moving tips - paperwork and paking.

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